Meyers & McNamara

Chamber Folk

Violinist Rachel Meyers and accordionist Dave McNamara boldly combine Klezmer and other Jewish music with experimental instrumentals and original compositions.

Soundbath concept

Soundbath definition: An immersion in sound frequency that cleans the soul.

Submersion; healing; meditative; dark/light;

It should feel like participants are submerged in sound. Comfortable seating is a must - perhaps beanbags or yoga mats, blankets.

Visually, participants see the water installation in centre of space, with reflected water lit on ceiling; performer; beanbags.

Combinations of sounds: 60 min musique concrete track including recorded sounds particularly roars from waves and wind, but also sounds getting deeper with the minutae of other recordings (pebbles, water trickles, wind, etc), manipulated sounds, drones and frquency play brought out; and live performance including traditional soundbath instruments such as singing bowls, crystal bowls, etc, solo violin, and spoken word.

water reflection visual.jpg
soundbath image.jpg

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