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Chamber Folk

Violinist Rachel Meyers and accordionist Dave McNamara boldly combine Klezmer and other Jewish music with experimental instrumentals and original compositions.

Soundbath concept

Soundbath definition: An immersion in sound frequency that cleans the soul.

Submersion; healing; meditative; dark/light;

It should feel like participants are submerged in sound. Comfortable seating is a must - perhaps beanbags or yoga mats, blankets.

Visually, participants see the water installation in centre of space, with reflected water lit on ceiling; performer; beanbags.

Combinations of sounds: 60 min musique concrete track including recorded sounds particularly roars from waves and wind, but also sounds getting deeper with the minutae of other recordings (pebbles, water trickles, wind, etc), manipulated sounds, drones and frquency play brought out; and live performance including traditional soundbath instruments such as singing bowls, crystal bowls, etc, solo violin, and spoken word.

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Southern Ecophony readings excerpts

Prose and poetry excerpts for Southern Ecophony:

Mary Oliver: THE SEA

Stroke by

stroke my

body remembers that life and cries for

the lost parts of itself—-

fins, gills

opening like flowers into

the flesh—-my legs

want to lock and become

one muscle, I swear I know

just what the blue-gray scales


the rest of me would

feel like!

paradise! Sprawled

in that motherlap,

in that dreamhouse

of salt and exercise,

what a spillage

of nostalgia pleads

from the very bones! how

they long to give up the long trek

inland, the brittle

beauty of understanding,

and dive,

and simply

become again a flaming body

of blind feeling

sleeking along

in the luminous roughage of the sea’s body,


like victory inside that

insucking genesis, that

roaring flamboyance, that


beginning and

conclusion of our own.

Rachel Carson, ‘Edge of the Sea’ excerpt: “The Edge of the Sea was a book Carson had always wanted to write. Her idea for it began while she still worked at the US Fish and Wildlife Service. She thought of it as a "field guide," and Houghton Mifflin editor-in-chief Paul Brooks had a similar idea in mind when the two first met after Carson achieved literary fame with The Sea Around Us. But as Carson visited each coastal area and began writing, the book became much more than any typical "guide book." It has all the hallmarks we now associate with Rachel Carson’s prose. Once again a scientifically accurate exploration of the ecology of Atlantic seashore, but also a hauntingly beautiful account of what one can find at the edge of the sea. She explores a tide pool, and an inaccessible cave, and watches a lone crab on the shore at midnight. Each is a memorable encounter.”

Jules Verne, ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ excerpt:

John Steinbeck, ‘The Log from The Sea of Cortez’:

Southern Ecophony ideas board

Some ideas are brewing for Southern Ecophony. Video inspirations below.

Drone sounds created in Ableton like this. Lawrence English a big influence in drone sounds:

Instrumental improv on found instruments may sound like this. Cheryl Leonard has done some amazing found objects compositions to do with Antarctica. I also love her musical aesthetic. Particularly from about 6 minutes in:

Climate scientists talking about their work, and the Southern Ocean as a whole, like this:

Something like I imagine the event itself may LOOK like:

Training to be done:

I’ve worked quite extensively with music notation software, music recording equipment, and digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as ProTools. I need to refine my skills with Ableton Pro (already have the software, just need to develop and refine audio manipulation ideas), and will probably seek mentorship as well as complete a basic ecourse. Will be working with Doug Quin in March on field recording techniques, and will continue my training when returned from the field to use the sounds through various DAWs.

Previous work has been largely music notation-based, with accompanying extensive program notes. This work is a significant departure.


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