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Violinist Rachel Meyers and accordionist Dave McNamara boldly combine Klezmer and other Jewish music with experimental instrumentals and original compositions.

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Rachel Meyers <>

Fwd: field recording - equipment

Joseph Franklin <>Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 1:53 PMTo: Rachel Meyers <>

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From: Daniel Blinkhorn <>
Subject: Re: field recording - equipment
Date: 5 December 2018 at 22:07:01 GMT-5
To: Joseph Phillip Franklin <>

Hi Joseph,

Great to hear from you and nicely done on being so ontop of the tassie project... Uber pro of you... :)

Definitely, my offer still stands,  so I'm sure we can make it work...!  The only sticking point is I'm off to  Borneo in ealrlyx mid June for circa 3 weeks,  but the universe is now starting earlier in the year to accommodate longer mid-year activities for us artists to actually make art,  so I'm certain we can get it all organised... The only thing... You'll need to take out travel insurance that covers the gear (circa $150?) as my insurance doesn't cover other people using the gear...!

I hope you're well,  and congratulations again on a fine semester... I look forward to seeing your work go from strength to strength well into the future... :)

All the very best,


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Get BlueMail for Android On 6 Dec 2018, at 12:52, Joseph Phillip Franklin <> wrote: Hi Daniel
In July next year I’ll be heading to north-west of Tasmania to collaborate with violinist/composer Rachel Meyers on a field recording/research project which will evolve into a performance and/or series of works - of which MONA have expressed interest in being involved which is super cool. Arts Tasmania are giving us some funding to cover expenses which means it’s all happening. I’ve included some details below from the application.
I mentioned this to you a couple months back and you said it may be possible to borrow some recording equipment? In particular a custom hydrophone mic, the DPA 5100 and Zoom F8.
I’m wondering if this is still a possibility? If so, the dates we are looking at are approximately 5-25 July (quite a stint out in a nature, and in the Tassie winter too…!). It’d also be great to pick your brain about this closer to the time.
It’s quite a way off but I thought I’d put it out there sooner than later.
Hope all is well!
Thanks very much, Joseph

‘Listening to the Southern Ocean’ is a collaborative project underpinned by the conviction that the creative possibilities of site-specific musical engagement with the environment can help communities and individuals access a deep environmental interconnectedness. R. Murray Shafer, acoustic ecology pioneer, wrote in 1977 that “the blurring of the edges between music and environmental sounds may eventually prove to be the most striking feature of all twentieth-century music.”

We propose an original project that explores the possibilities of a deep sonic connection with the environment. We suggest that, by interacting with the sounds, spaces, and non- sounding signals of nature, we will create new threads of environmental engagement
for ourselves and future audiences. We will undertake a pilot project to create a new electroacoustic and live musical work that engages with the Arthur River and the Southern Ocean by considering the ecosystem as a whole and using field recordings including underwater recordings. 

Letter of Support 2

Rachel Meyers <>

Rachel Meyers - Next Wave 2020 application

Morrow, Wendy (StateGrowth) <>Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 12:12 PMTo: Rachel Meyers <>

To whom it may concern

Rachel Meyers has informed me of her intentions to apply to develop a project as part of the 2020 Next Wave Festival.

Rachel was a successful recipient of the Arthur River residency located on the North West Coast of Tasmania, where she intends to develop field recordings, deep listening meditations and improvisations and sound walks. It is my understanding that Rachel’s Next Wave project will utilise material from her anticipated 2019 Arts Tasmania residency at Arthur River. I have no doubt the environment and context for her residency will no doubt offer a rich source of creative material and ideas.

We wish her every success with the project and her application.

Kind regards



Wendy Morrow | Professional Development Officer

Arts Tasmania | Department of State Growth

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GPO Box 536, Hobart TAS 7001

Phone: (03) 6165 6665 | |

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Letter of support from Peter Knight, Artistic Director Australian Art Orchestra

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