Meyers & McNamara

Chamber Folk

Violinist Rachel Meyers and accordionist Dave McNamara boldly combine Klezmer and other Jewish music with experimental instrumentals and original compositions.

Rachel Meyers and Dave McNamara


Based in picturesque Tasmania, Australia, Meyers and McNamara are an energetic and joyfully unrestrained duo, marrying classical folkloric melodies with achingly intricate and original arrangements. From Europe's liveliest bars and music festivals to the wettest, coldest, and darkest street corners they have delighted audiences with their unique and authentic connection.

Klezmer and Balkan music from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova, and the New World.. 

Photos by Jonathan Wherrett. Content for publicity use only.


Violin, Vocals / Rachel Meyers
Accordion, Vocals/ Dave McNamara



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